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2014 NFL Draft compensatory pick projections

The Bengals look to be in line for three extra picks in the 2014 NFL draft.

Every year teams are compensated for players lost with extra picks in the next draft. There is a whole science on how teams are awarded these picks based on salary and playing time along with other factors. Apparently, Craig Turner has done a bang up job on predicting what picks each team will receive. So while this is still projected, it is probably fairly close to what may be awarded at the owners meetings.

According to the article, the Bengals are in line for 3 extra picks in the draft. Those being:

  • 6th rounder for the loss of Manny Lawson
  • 7th rounder for the loss of Pat Sims
  • 7th rounder for the loss of Brad Gradkowski

It is not like 3 extra picks in the last two rounds of the draft are going to make or break the draft. That being said, having the luxury of snagging a couple more projects at those spots increases the odds that one of those darts will hit the bulls eye.

Some of the rules that go into awarding an extra draft choice are players earning low minimum salaries do not qualify, every player signed cancels another out, players cut mid-season don't count and the annual value of the contract plays a role.

The Baltimore Ravens look to strengthen their team with 4 extra picks. The highest being a pair of 4th rounders for losing Paul Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe.