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Projected contracts for 2014 free agent wide receivers

Following up a previous discussion about free agents, we look at the contracts of several top receivers that are expected to hit free agency.


Mickey asked this weekend, should the Bengals look at a free agent wide receiver during the offseason; it's not so much a declaration of antagonism against wide receiver Marvin Jones, as it is the continued evolution of implementing a stronger roster if those options are available to Cincinnati. did some of the leg-work of the top wide receivers that are expected to enter free agency and projected contracts that they could sign. A few of those numbers:

Eric Decker Broncos Five $62 Million $25-30 Million
Jeremy Maclin Eagles One $5 Million
Hakeem Nicks Giants Three $30 Million $13 Million
Julian Edelman Patriots Five $25 Million $12 Million
Anquan Boldin 49ers Two $12 Million
Golden Tate Seahawks Five $25 Million $12 Million
James Jones Packers Two $6 Million

It would be surprising if the Bengals made any moves at wide receiver that would project competition with an outsider within the top-four: A.J. Green, Jones, Mohamed Sanu and Andrew Hawkins -- all of whom are expected to be with Cincinnati in 2014 (Hawkins is a restricted free agent). Brandon Tate may generate some interest in free agency based on his return ability -- he could be a target with the Washington Redskins where Jay Gruden recently took over as the team's head coach.

In reality, the final 2-3 slots (whether they go with six or seven receivers) will be up for grabs -- much like it was during the offseason last year. And that competition, before free agency and the NFL draft, boils down to Ryan Whalen, Dane Sazenbacher, and Cobi Hamilton. We're also not writing off Tate's return either (pun intended).