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Matt Schaub could be a Cleveland Brown next season

With the QB most likely out in Houston, the Browns could bring the veteran in to compete with the young quarterbacks currently on their roster.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Schaub is an 11 year veteran quarterback who at times has performed with the best in the league. Some of his best performances were under the guide of current Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. It seems that this is a pair that would probably be reunited in Cleveland this season if it were not for one small thing. Matt Schaub is not a free agent.

The Texans have been rumored to be evaluating which quarterback to pick in the upcoming NFL draft. If this is the case then you could likely surmise that Schaub would be cut at some point this offseason. Another reason to think this is possible is the salary cap savings the Texans would have if Schaub was no longer on the roster. The Texans would have an additional 10 million dollars this season that is earmarked for the Quarterback that struggled mightily last season.

If you recall, Schaub was good for at least 1 pick 6 a game last season in a stretch of 4 games. He had a 2-6 win loss record with 10 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. These performances were even more shocking considering the Texans were in the playoffs the previous two seasons and seemed poised to break out last year.

The Browns need someone to come in and compete at the quarterback position. This signal caller could be Brian Hoyer who surprised many last season in Cleveland before tearing up his knee. He is rumored to be on scheduled for a return this season from his rehab.

The pairing of Schaub to Shanahan, the need for someone to compete and possibly fill in for Hoyer and the fact Schaub us likely done in Houston are all signs the Browns could jump on the veteran quarterback. Hopefully Schaub gets the gig and continues his tendencies for the pick 6 in the two games against the Bengals next season.