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Darren McFadden re-signs with Oakland on lucrative one year deal

Some thought there was a chance that Darren McFadden could land in Cincinnati based on his history with Hue Jackson. It looks like he is going to stay on the left coast.

Thearon W. Henderson

Some fans are clamoring for a running back that can come in, be physical and replace what the Bengals currently have in Benjarvus Green-Ellis. Some thought Darren McFadden could be that guy.

It looks like McFadden has decided to stay in Oakland for one more season.

I think the Bengals not pursuing McFadden is the right move. The success of running backs in the NFL is realatively short lived and McFadden has not been the most durable back lately. Bringing him in would be a gamble that he would only be active in half the games in a season and for on offense looking to lean on the run, that is not good business.

Don't expect the Bengals to make their free agency mark with a running back. There are options on the roster and a few more in the draft.

UPDATE: Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the one-year deal between McFadden and the Raiders is for $4 million.

(Anthony Cosenza contributed to this report.)