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Former Bengal Clinton McDonald signs with Tampa Bay

Clinton McDonald, armed with his Super Bowl ring will be playing next season in Tampa Bay

Jeff Gross

When he was with the Bengals, Clinton McDonald had trouble making the field. After being cut his rookie season and then waived again the next season. The Bengals finally had the need for McDonald in 2010 where he played in 8 games and recorded 4 tackles.

After the Bengals traded McDonald to the Seahawks he was able to play for a defense that eventually led the team to a Super Bowl victory. Now, today he signs a new contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for 4 years at 3 million a year.

Congrats go out to McDonald for finding his place in the NFL and being rewarded with a Super Bowl ring and a nice contract. It is always good to see former Bengals contribute with other teams.