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Former Redskins Executive says Bengals are better off without Jay Gruden

Former Redskins executive Vinny Cerrato was asked how he thought Jay Gruden would fare in Washington. He actually thinks the Bengals are better without him.

Patrick McDermott

While the start of NFL free agency has been the primary focus of the Cincinnati Bengals, they've already lost a pair of key contributors to their recent success. Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and offensive coordinator Jay Gruden both signed to become head coaches elsewhere.

Everyone lauded the Vikings for hiring Zimmer, while many questioned the Redskins tabbing Jay as their new HC, even going as far as to say the Bengals were better off without him.

You can include Vinny Cerrato among them. The former Redskins Director of Player Personnel and Executive VP of Player Personnel; and Football Operations was on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Howard David over the weekend.

When asked how he thought Jay would fare in Washington, Cerrato ended up saying how he thought the Bengals were better off without him:

"Well I say this, I think Cincinnati got better," Cerrato began. "And here’s why I say that: I think Hue Jackson will run the ball," Cerrato said.

"I think Cincinnati got better by him leaving. Just look at one play against the Ravens last year. They had the Ravens on the ropes, ready to quit. They run the ball down to the 1, he throws an interception, they continue the game.

"See, I think what they’ll do now in Cincinnati is [offensive coordinator] Hue Jackson will run the football a lot more than Jay Gruden. I think there’ll be more balance."

Cerrato does go one to say he thinks Jay will fit in Washington because of their personnel. It's clear the Bengals are better when they run the ball, and Hue will ensure they do more of that.

The Redskins though should be better with more passing with a QB like Robert Griffin III, something Jay loves. Either way, the Bengals should be fine without Jay.