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Chad Johnson trying to join B.C. Lions of CFL

Could Chad Johnson return to football by way of the CFL?

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Could we be seeing the return of Chad Johnson to a football field in 2014?

Maybe, but it won't be with the Cincinnati Bengals, or any NFL team for that matter. Chad has unfortunately been out of the NFL since 2012 after getting cut from the Miami Dolphins during their training camp.

Since being traded from the Bengals to the New England Patriots in 2011, Chad managed just 15 catches with the Pats in '11, and was later cut by the before trying to catch on with the Dolphins.

Now, he's trying to give football one more try in Canada by signing with the BC lions of the CFL. That is, if they're willing to sign him, according to Cam Cole of the Leader Post:

Maybe he could still get open and catch the football, despite being 36 years old and two seasons out of the game, despite being one of those Terrell Owens/Randy Moss-type lightning rods who can't seem to survive outside his own self-made womb of ego gratification.

He definitely excited the Twitterverse with the mere possibility on Thursday, repeatedly tweeting on his @ochocinco account that he intended to sign for the 2014 season with the B.C. Lions.

Maybe, with a decade of National Football League stardom on his resume - though stale-dated by several years - the longtime Cincinnati Bengal could still be a difference maker, even at his age.

It doesn't sound as though everyone in that organization thinks signing Chad is worth the trouble that comes with it, but it would be nice to see the Bengals great get to play pro football somewhere if he so desires to.

It'd be better to see him sign a one-day contract with the Bengals and retire with the team whom he set so many records and made so many memories with.