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James Harrison would like to go back to Pittsburgh

After being released by the Bengals, James Harrison would like to go back to where he made a name for himself in black and gold.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The James Harrison experiment in Cincinnati came to a close when Harrison was released by the Bengals last week. Harrison may not have lit up the stat sheets, but his influence on the rest of the defense was welcomed. Not only did he have the right kind of attitude to play defense in the NFL, he has a resume of a couple championships and how to play the right way on a team. Hopefully the younger Bengals absorbed as much of that as possible.

Now, jobless, Harrison would like to go back to Pittsburgh to finish his playing days. When asked on NFL total access if he would like to return he answered with "Everybody knows that".

Cornerback Ike Taylor said that Harrison would be welcomed back to Pittsburgh with open arms. It would make sense to bring back Harrison at a vet minimum salary for Pittsburgh. The Steelers have lost a couple veterans in Larry Foote and Lamar Woodley. Harrison could be the transition type player that would keep continuity at the position for the Steelers. It seems there is no bad blood so a reunion could happen.

I had high hopes for Harrison with the Bengals but like many, I think his best days are behind him. It would be a good move for the Steelers and Harrison to partner back up, but the impact on the division would be minimal. If it happens, I think it adds one more dynamic to a couple of games this season where two teams don't really need more reasons to not like each other.