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Andrew Hawkins says goodbye to Cincinnati Bengals

Hawkins says goodbye to the Bengals after they decided not to match the Browns offer for him.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have opted to not to match the Cleveland Browns' offer for Andrew Hawkins, which means his brief career in the Queen City comes to an end.

It wasn't easy for Hawk to leave the city and team who gave him his first real shot at playing in the NFL, and he's grateful for having that opportunity:

In eight games last year, he had just 12 receptions for 199 yards and no touchdowns after missing the first-half of the year with an ankle injury. In 2012, he caught 51 passes for 533 yards and four touchdowns.

A former standout at Toledo, Hawkins would be returning to northern Ohio after spending the first three years of his NFL career with the Bengals.

Farewell Baby Hawk.