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NFL proposes several rules changes

Several big rule changes have been proposed by the NFL competition committee.

Every offseason, the NFL competition committee meets to discuss the current state of the game. They look at what improvements could be made, and that includes adding or eliminating rules from the game. NFL teams were also able to voice their opinions on potential rules changes that should be made.

As far as adding new rules, the NFL will consider expanding replay reviews. It would involve allowing a referee to consult with the NFL officiating department in New York during replay reviews. The ref would speak with the command center, who will have already started to view the play after it was challenged, and hopefully have an accurate determination in the same time-frame it takes current reviews to process, if not faster.

The NFL is also considering moving extra-pint attempts to the 20-yard line during one week of the preseason in 2014 in order to determine if this should be done in the regular season. As of now, there are no plans to permanently implement this, but the league is willing to give it a test-run.

Here are some of the other notable proposals made by the committee on Wednesday, courtesy of NFL Revolution:

* Raising the number active of list players from 46 to 49 on games played other than Sunday and Monday.

* Increasing the practice squads from 8 to 10 players.

* Eliminating the cut-down day of 75 players after the third preseason game, leaving one cut-down to 53 players the day after the final preseason game.

* Moving kickoffs to the 40-yard line to cut down on injuries during special teams play.

* Allowing any player to return to the roster from injured reserve list, on which currently one player can return after six weeks.


Which of the rules changes are you most in favor of?