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Steelers won't lose draft pick because of Mike Tomlin's sideline mishap

The Steelers won't be penalized any further for Mike Tomlin's sideline gaffe against the Ravens.

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced Thursday that no draft picks will be taken or modified as a result of last year's sideline incident involving head coach Mike Tomlin. Against the Baltimore Ravens on Thanksgiving, the Steelers coach took a step onto the field and may have even prevented the Baltimore Ravens from scoring a touchdown on a kickoff return.

After a Steelers touchdown cut the Ravens' lead to 13-7 in the third quarter, wide receiver Jacoby Jones fielded the ensuing kickoff at the goal line. As Jones ran up the sideline and seemingly uncontested to the endzone, there was just one defender between Jones and the end zone: Mike Tomlin, who was standing conspicuously along the white border edging the field -- and seemingly taking a quick step onto the field of play -- Jones turned his run slightly away from the sideline, allowing Steelers cornerback Cortez Allen to pull him down from behind:


Tomlin was fined $100,000, but no other punishment has come as a result of the infraction. Because of this incident though, the NFL will crack down on these kind of infractions harder going forward, and teams are making more of a concerted effort to ensure players and/or coaches don't make Tomlin's mistake.