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Bengals giving away trip to 2014 NFL Draft

This season-ticket holder will hand Roger Goodell a No. 1 Bengals jersey, who will give it to Cincinnati's first-round pick when the Bengals announce their No. 24 overall selection.

The Cincinnati Bengals are giving away a round-trip to the 2014 NFL draft to a season-ticket holder, tweets ESPN Business reporter Darren Rovell. The prize is this: When the Cincinnati Bengals make their first-round selection (at No. 24), the randomly selected season-ticket holder will hand NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a No. 1 jersey, who will in-turn, give it to Cincinnati's draft pick -- assuming that the player is invited to Radio City in early March.

We're assuming that this will be a league-wide initiative, allowing season-ticket holders from their respective teams to do something similar.

Last year the NFL allowed season-ticket holders to announce their respective teams fourth round picks. Bengals season-ticket holder Karl Schaulin, randomly selected by Bengals Executive VP Katie Blackburn, announced Cincinnati's fourth-round selection, Texas A&M linebacker Sean Porter.

As Geoff Hobson with writes, the event was a memorable one.

To kick off the journey, head coach Marvin Lewis introduced Schaulin at his pre-draft news conference April 23. They exchanged pleasantries and he told Lewis that in order to channel some good fortune he'd don the jersey of 2010 fourth-round pick Geno Atkins, a two-time Pro Bowler.

"I still really couldn’t believe it until (the news conference)," said Schaulin, a club-level season ticket holder of 10 years. "It was a little bit surreal, frankly. When I was walking out, I also met (Bengals president) Mike Brown and a few other people along the way.

"Everyone that I talked to that Tuesday was so interested in, 'Where are you at?' or 'Where are you from?' and 'Best of luck.' It was really extraordinary."