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NFL still Working to Enhance Stadium Experience

The NFL wants to get more butts in their seats and not in your own place of comfort at your home.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As technology has continued to advance and enhance the in-home experience of watching an NFL game, the more stadium attendance has continued to decrease over the years. With DirecTV Sunday Ticket, the NFL Redzone Channel and even the rise of fantasy football, fans are more inclined to stay at home than ever before.

The attendance drop resulted in the NFL revising its blackout policy last year, allowing teams to televise games locally if they sell 85 percent of tickets if they chose to. While attendance has suffered, TV ratings remain strong, but that is damaged when teams are forced to blackout their games when they don't sell enough tickets.

The league is now looking to counteract the enhanced in-home experience by enhancing the in-stadium experience.

The NFL has announced a partnership with Experience ( to enhance the fan experience on game day. Experience will deliver a mobile technology to participating NFL Clubs to facilitate in-venue seat upgrades and experiential opportunities for fans including exclusive offerings for Season Ticket Members. The NFL and Experience also will collaborate on future technologies to continue revolutionizing the in-stadium experience.

"There is no place better to watch an NFL game than at the stadium, with 70,000 other fans," said Brian LaFemina, NFL SVP of Club Business Development. "We are pleased to work with Experience to provide technology our teams can leverage as they continue to make the game day experience at their stadiums even better for their fans."

There are other methods NFL teams are using to attract fans, including the Falcons using a service that allows fans to pay to have cheerleaders come and greet them. Adding better WIfi service is the one thing all 2 teams are trying to do. As of now, it's rather difficult to use your phone in an NFL stadium once kickoff happens.

What could the Cincinnati Bengals do to make their in-stadium experience better so you would want to attend their games more?