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Cincinnati Bengals have $10 million in roster bonuses this offseason

If you think that the Bengals $10 million in roster bonuses is a lot, it's actually $6 million less than what they handed out in 2013.


The Cincinnati Bengals will be dishing out $10 million worth of roster bonuses next month -- a decrease of $6 million from last season.

Defensive end Carlos Dunlap will consume over 50 percent of that with a $5.7 million roster bonus on March 15. Behind him are Geno Atkins ($3 million) and Andre Smith ($1 million) -- all three of whom signed the biggest offseason contracts last season. Most of the team's roster bonuses are handed out in March, though some are closer towards late August and early September. NOTE: This does not include in-game roster bonuses.

Carlos Dunlap $5.7 million
Geno Atkins $3 million
Andre Smith $1 million
Adam Jones $250,000
James Harrison $234,375
Rey Maualuga $203,125
Andy Dalton $100,000
Josh Johnson $100,000