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Brandon Spikes is not a fan of Ray Rice

Brandon Spikes wishes someone would punish Ray Rice for hitting his wife.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

After Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was involved in an Atlantic City Casino incident in which he struck his wife, many around the NFL voiced their support for Rice. Know as a strong advocate against bullying and a good person in the community, Rice is respected around the league, and most believe his recent transgression was more of an anomaly than a true representation of his character.

Don't tel that to Brandon Spikes. The Buffalo Bills linebacker is not a fan of Rice at all, and believes he should be punished severely for his wrongdoing:

Rice was indicted on a third-degree aggravated assault charge on Thursday stemming from an incident on Feb. 15 where he allegedly hit his wife and knocked her unconscious.

Spikes isn't exactly the greatest role model himself. In college while at Florida, he was suspended for one game for attempting to gouge the eyes of a Georgia player during a game: