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Buffalo Bills may make a run at signing Michael Vick

The Bengals aren't going to pursue Mike Vick, but the Bills, the other team that was interested in signing him in 2009 may do so.

Kent Nishimura

When the start of free agency begins, several teams in need of depth at quarterback will be interested in Eagles QB Michael Vick. The Bengals won't be one of them, despite having had interest in signing him in 2009.

ESPN's Adam Schefter would not be surprised if the Buffalo Bills "made a run" at Vick. He also mentions the New York Jets as a team that could target him, but doesn't list the Bengals.

When Vick was a free agent in 2009 after being released from prison, the Bills and Bengals were the two teams said to be showing significant interest in him, and Cincinnati was supposedly the favorite to land him. But with the team lacking a strong lock-room and leaders who could help Vick turn his life around, he was encouraged to sign with the Eagles, where Andy Reid had built a strong foundation that could welcome Vick and help his rehabilitate his image.

It worked out great for everyone, as Vick went on to become the starter for Philly, while the Bengals eventually traded Carson Palmer for a first and second-round draft pick after having already tabbed Andy Dalton to replace him. While bringing in a veteran like Vick in to push Dalton in 2014, he'll probably cost too much to warrant just bringing him in to be a backup.