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2014 Free Agency: Philadelphia Eagles showing "some interest" in Bengals free agent Michael Johnson

Johnson, who has become one of the top players in free agency this year, could see a significant contract soon.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are showing "some interesting in Cincinnati free agent Michael Johnson", according to Tim McManus at Johnson, coming off a $11.175 million franchise tag last season, is one of the top unrestricted free agents entering free agency next week... and with Greg Hardy staying in Carolina, the top defensive end.

Cincinnati would love to sign Johnson, but based on the amount of money that's expected to change hands, the Bengals seem likely to retain him.

The Minnesota Vikings have also been attached to Johnson due to his relationship with former defensive coordinator, and current Vikings head coach, Mike Zimmer. According to one report, Johnson is Minnesota's top target.

Former Bengals defensive tackle, John Thornton, is co-representing Johnson, with Chicago-based Rick Smith at Priority Sports. Despite the otherwise fanatical opinion that Johnson won't return to the Bengals in 2014, Thornton refused to close that door, offering that there's a possibility for Cincinnati and Johnson to reach an agreement.

"I would say so," Thornton said via late last month. "I know a lot things have been said out there that there’s not a chance. But that’s not the case. That just shows people don’t know about the situation. They don’t know what happened last summer. They don’t know what is happening now. The good thing about Rick, Katie, Mike, myself is that we’re not public people that want everything out there. I think it’s still a possibility. I think everybody really wants it to happen, so we’ll see."

(h/t Bleeding Green Nation)