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Miami Dolphins reaching out to four "prominent" offensive linemen

The Miami Dolphins are reaching out to multiple offensive linemen and none of them are Anthony Collins.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Only two days ago, a Miami Herald update pointed out that Bengals free agent Anthony Collins is on the Miami Dolphins radar -- along with most of the league's top offensive tackle free agents. Call an umbrella statement -- nabbing all of the relevancy into a single perspective that mostly assumes multiple scenarios.

Several hours after the start of pre-free agency, the Miami Dolphins have reportedly reached out to the agents of four offensive lineman. None of them are Anthony Collins.

According to Barry Jackson with the Miami Herald, the Miami Dolphins are targeting Kansas City free agent Brandon Albert and Baltimore free agent Eugene Monroe -- in order. Miami have also reached out to the agents of St. Louis offensive lineman Rodger Saffold and Oakland offensive tackle Jared Veldheer.

Two industry officials said they believe the Dolphins would love to sign Albert as their left tackle and sign Saffold as a guard. But Miami would have to pay substantially to achieve that.

In the meantime, the Dolphins also have reached out to Monroe and to Veldheer, who are both natural left tackles. And they haven't ruled out signing Saffold as a left tackle if they don't sign Albert, though they are also very comfortable playing Saffold at guard (which he isn't opposed to).

No mention of Collins was ever made.

Maybe a point should be made to Collins: While the rest of the NFL views him as a contingency once their preferred players are signed with others teams, the Cincinnati Bengals actually do want you back.