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Debunking the Latest NFL Draft Rumors and Smokescreens

Debunking the latest rumors surrounding the 2014 NFL Draft.

Chris Chambers

NFL Draft season is referred to as the season of "lies and deception" by those who understand the many rumors put out are nothing more than smokescreens to try and benefit themselves. Some of them are more obvious than others, especially the ones coming out right now, nearly two full months until the draft begins.

Don't believe everything you see and here, at least the rumors that involve teams like the New England Patriots or Baltimore Ravens. Those are two of the better teams at masking their intentions going into the draft.

Another rule to remember is that the higher the draft pick, the more rumors and false reports are put out from in order to build a bigger smokescreen around their true intentions.

A good example of that is the Jacksonville Jaguars. After the team re-signed veteran backup Chad Henne to a two-year deal, soon after came reports that they were now "unlikely to spend a first-round pick on a quarterback."

It's very unlikely the Jaguars have made that decision this soon. Because the top 3 quarterbacks are all underclassman, Jaguars scouts and coaches are probably just now getting a good evaluation on them as they build their draft board. Typically, not much attention is paid to underclassman until they actually declare for that year's draft. To think they've already decided neither Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel or Blake Bortles are worthy of the No. 3 overall pick in the draft isn't likely.

Another thing to consider is the St. Louis Rams, who hold the No.2 pick, just before the Jags. With two first-round picks in their possession, the Rams at willing to listen to offers for the No. 2 pick in the same way they did in 2012. That's when the Redskins traded a wealth of picks to move up just four spots to select Robert Griffin III.

If a team like the Browns (Pick No. 4), Raiders (No. 5) or Vikings (No. 8) want to move up ahead of the QB-needy Jags to ensure they get the QB they want, they'll certainly have more incentive to do so if they believe the Jags want the same player.

But when reports of the Jags not wanting a QB in the first-round, it presents the illusion that those teams don't need to move ahead of the Jags, and he'll instead fall to them. That's how the smokescreen is created.

Now the Jaguars, who actually wanted a QB all along, will likely see the guy they want fall to them at No. 3, and the rest will be history.That's just one of many potential smokescreens that will be put out in the coming months.

Don't always believe what's reported, and expect the unexpected when the draft is finally here.