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Fullbacks the Bengals could kick tires on in Free Agency

The fullback position is something the Bengals may need to address in free agency if Orson Charles isn't the answer.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With news that fullback Orson Charles has been arrested for wanton endangerment, the Bengals must now begin to gauge all of their other options at that position for 2014.

They could look to draft one this May, but signing one in free agency would be easier and would save them a draft pick. There aren't a lot of FBs on the open market, but here are five names to watch for if the Bengals want to sign one:

1. Le'Ron McClain

2. Greg Jones

3. Vonta Leach

4. John Kuhn

5.  Michael Robinson


McLain may actually be the best option for the Bengals. Because he was cut this offseason by the San Diego Chargers, Cincinnati can sign him and it not affect their potential compensatory picks they're getting for losing Anthony Collins and Michael Johnson.

They seem determined to keep those picks, which are likely 3rd and 4th-rounders. Leach was also cut this offseason by the Baltimore Ravens, so he to could be an option.

Jones, Kuhn and Robinson, they would all count against the compensatory picks because their contracts expired this offseason vs. being terminated. According to Weston Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Kuhn could sign with a team this week, and a "handful of other teams" have also shown interest in addition to the Packers wanting to re-sign him.

As devalued as the FB position has become, it's unlikely the Bengals will want to sign one and risk reducing those compensatory picks.