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NFL 2014 Preseason games to watch

As the natural progression into real football, the preseason is a step on the path to get to actual NFL action. What games look the most interesting each of the 4 weeks of the preseason?


There are reasons to watch and even enjoy the games in the NFL preseason. You could be jonesing for real NFL football so bad that you would watch anything resembling the sport in the weeks leading up to actual kickoff. You could be prepping for your fantasy draft, using your scouting ability to squeeze every morsel of information from the backups to the backups and formulate your draft strategy around who you think could surprise next season. Or, you could just want to watch something else besides some re-runs or major league baseball because your team is already out of it (come on Reds!).

So here is a week by week watch guide for the preseason and why you should care about these games.

Week 1

49ers at Ravens:


We are treated to an early edition of the Harbaugh Bowl in week 1 of the preseason. The analysts will go nuts with all of this bonus time to remind the world that the coaches are brothers. We will be treated to the incessant crying both coaches are known for on the sidelines and probably a moment where the entire Harbaugh clan gets together for a family photo.

Honorable Mention: Seahawks at Broncos

The Super Bowl matchup may pick up where it left off. Peyton Manning is known for coasting through the preseason the the 'Hawks could drop another 50 spot on the Broncos in this continuation beating from last season.

Week 2

Redskins at Browns

Now don't expect me to tell you how this is going to be a good game and have some bearing on what to expect from these teams in the regular season. This is going to be a battle of two bad teams that tried to go nuts in free agency. I don't think either team has the support to be much better than they were last year and this could be a game where starters play a little longer due to the change of personnel in the off season.

Week 3

Panthers at Patriots

Week three is usually when the starters see the most playing time. The Panthers were one of the best defensive units last season and look to continue the domination on that side of the ball. The Patriots have a good offense and will look to gain momentum heading into the season by winning the preseason game that most closely resembles the regular season.

Honorable Mention: Saints at Colts

For the same reasons as above, these are two good teams that represent the possibility for some good football.

Week 4

Jets at Eagles

The two teams in this matchup both sport the former signal callers for the other. In an epic battle we could see Michael Vick squaring off against the former "Sanchise" Mark Sanchez in a game that will be one for the ages. Probably not, but we all know the fan base in Philly and we can expect a whole lot of class from both of these organizations. Neither team is going to want to lose to the other with the history involved and that could make for some good TV.