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Orson Charles pleads not guilty, preliminary hearing scheduled for April 23

Charles, who plead not guilty, faces 1-5 years in prison, according to his attorney. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 23.

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Cincinnati Bengals H-back (the name for the hybrid fullback and tight end position) Orson Charles pleaded not guilty in a Madison County courtroom on Friday.

Charles was arrested on March 31 and charged with wanton endangerment for, allegedly, a road rage incident. According to another driver, Charles cut him off. After the driver flipped him the bird, the driver said that Charles furnished a silver and black Smith and Wesson and aimed the weapon at him.

Charles faces 1-5 years in prison, according to his attorney. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 23.

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Even before losing his cool (and mind) on the I-75, Charles wasn't guaranteed a spot on the team's 2014 roster. Specific to the team's failure to embrace him as a contributor, Charles path for opportunity isn't as enthusiastic as it once was. Because this is his first violation of the league's personnel conduct policy (had a DUI a week before the NFL draft), he may escape any suspensions.

Cincinnati may look to acquire a natural fullback for Hue Jackson anyway, who desires an effective running game that theoretically should feature a good fullback -- rather than using displaced tight ends. If Cincinnati wants to re-acquire Conner, a seventh-round pick to the New York Giants may do it. There are still free agency options, along with Chris Pressley, who hasn't played a down since 2012 when he tore an ACL against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Either way, Charles' Cincinnati career is precarious. The Bengals have publicly admitted a desire to stave off players with character issues but once they're on the team, they're far more forgiving (read: Jones, Adam). It wouldn't be surprising if he's on the roster during training camp this year, but don't write his name into the team's final 2014 roster until early September (if at all).