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Report: Aldon Smith arrested for yelling 'bomb' in airport

The 49ers are having to deal with their troubled star again after Aldon Smith was reportedly detained.


It turns out Smith shouted out "bomb" in the airport, which is what led to his arrest:


It looks like San Francisco 49ers defensive/linebacker Aldon Smith is in the news again for all the wrong reasons.

Seems like something that could have just been made up for attention, but Smith did tweet this out Sunday morning:

That tweet did come several hours before this news of an arrest though, so it's unclear if it's related or just coincidence, but it's looking like they may indeed be related:

It's safe to say Smith was involved in some kind of incident, though the severity of it is unknown, and it doesn't appear to have been something too serious.

It's going to be big news only because of Smith's past transgressions.

He missed five games last season while being treated for substance abuse. He is also facing felony gun charges and a charge from a DUI arrest, his second season entering the NFL.

This latest news comes just after his next court date being set for April 29.