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Bengals Cornerback Leon Hall Cleared For All Football Drills With Rehabilitation

The Bengals cornerback suffered his second Achilles injury in three seasons midway through 2013, but appears to be on the fast track to recovery once again.


Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Leon Hall isn't a guy that you want to count down and out. After he sustained a devastating Achilles injury in the middle of the 2011 season, many wondered if he would be able to come back and continue to play at a high level. Not only did he play well and help lead a dominant defense in 2012, but he played in15 of a total of 17 games, including the season opener.

Hall looked to be on track for another solid campaign in 2013, but his season was cut short once again withanother Achilles injury--this time to the other leg. When you watched that early-season game against the Detroit Lions, you saw a visibly upset Hall who undoubtedly knew what the injury was when he hobbled back into the visiting locker room. A few weeks ago, Geoff Hobson of joined us on the podcast and we asked him about Hall's rehab and his response was positive.

On Monday, Hobson tweeted out more good news on the Leon Hall rehabilitation front:

This is great news for a Bengals defense that is looking for as much able help at corner as possible, especially since this offseason's workout dates are looming. When Hobson joined us on the program a few weeks back, he hinted at the fact that Hall might be able to have another quick turnaround from this go-around with his injury because of the familiarity with the necessary rehab.

We'll see if that's accurate, but don't quite scratch Hall off of the Week One kickoff starters list yet.