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Cincy Jungle Writer's Mock Draft: Atlanta Falcons on the Clock

The Falcons need to hit it big with this pic if they want to get back into the playoffs in 2014.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Time for the latest edition of the Cincy Jungle Writer's Mock Draft. Be sure to keep up with all of the picks in a out stream page.

Next up are the Atlanta Falcons (or Rams in Anthony's case), who need to solidify their offensive line, but could also look to address their putrid defense.

Jason: Falcons take Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

The Falcons fell hard in 2013, and a big reason why was their inability to protect their franchise quarterback. Matt Ryan needs to be protected better going forward, and Matthews is the best tackle in this draft in terms of being ready to start from Day 1.

He's also a mauler in the run game, which should help the Falcons' anemic run-game. An offensive lineman this high is never the "sexy" pick, but with a guy like Matthews, this is the pick that will impact their team them most, and potentially get them back into the postseason.

Mickey: Falcons take Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M

The Falcons need to protect Matt Ryan and are very happy that Matthews is on the board. There is a chance they look at Sammy Watkins, but the need for a good offensive lineman is too strong. In Matthews they get a player that is quick off the snap with long arms to control his block. Matthews excels in blocking for the run and would instantly improve the Atlanta front.

Anthony: Rams (from trade with Falcons): Mike Evans, WR, Texas A &M

Some.feel that this may be a bit high for Evans, but there isn't another player that the Rams would reach for here. Khalil Mack might be the other route, but with two good edge rushers in Chris Long and Robert Quinn already in the fold, as well as James Laurinitis and Alec Ogletree on the roster that need isn't as strong.

Sam Bradford needs weapons, period. Evans is huge, has great hands and good speed for his size. He high - points the ball with precision and could be the go - to guy that Bradford and the Rams need.