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Cincy Jungle Writer's Mock Draft: Detroit Lions on the clock

Who will the Lions take that could help them not falter late in the season as they did last year?


The latest edition of the Cincy Jungle Writer's Mock Draft is here. Be sure to keep up with all of the picks in a out stream page.

Next up are the Detroit Lions, who could be one player away from getting back to the playoffs after faltering down the stretch last year.

Jason: Lions take Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

At the end of the day, the Lions missed a golden opportunity to win the NFC North last year because they couldn't stop anyone from gashing them through the air. They lost six of their final seven games and blew several fourth-quarter leads because Chris Houston and Rasheen Mathis were arguably the worst CB tandem in the league.

Justin Gilbert is the best CB in this year's draft, and the Lions sprint to the podium to select him. Gilbert was a Jim Thorpe Award finalist in 2013 after registering 42 tackles, seven pass breakups and seven interceptions in 13 games.

He also had 18 kickoff returns for 453 yards (25.2) and a TD, so he'd give the Lions another threat on special teams to go with Reggie Bush and the newly-signed Golden Tate.

Anthony: Lions take Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

With the top - two pass catchers off of the board, the Lions will likely address their secondary. Ha - Ha Clinton - Dix or Calvin Pryor could be choices, but Detroit needs help at corner badly.

Some argue who the top corner in this draft is, depending on style preference, but the Lions would likely spring at the most athletic one of the bunch. Gilbert brings big - play potential and an innate ability to create turnovers. He might need a little more technique work than some of the other corners in this year's draft though.

Mickey: Lions take Justin Gilbert, CB, Oklahoma State

The Lions secondary was terrible last year at creating turnovers. Louis Delmas led the team with three interceptions and he is no longer with the team. The Lions look to bring in someone who has proven ability to create turnovers and Gilbert is that guy. With 7 interceptions in 2013 in the Big 12, Gilbert will be someone the Lions can plug in immediately for an upgrade.





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