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Cincy Jungle Writer's Mock Draft: New York Giants on the clock

Who will the Giants pick to help them rebound from a disastrous 2013 campaign?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The latest edition of the Cincy Jungle Writer's Mock Draft is here. Be sure to keep up with all of the picks in a out stream page.

Next up are the New York Giants. Is this team still capable of making a run at the Super Bowl? If so, they need to hit a homerun with this pick.

Jason: Giants take Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

The Giants were a mess on both sides of the ball in 2013, so they should simply take the best available player at this spot. Aaron Donald might end up being one of the four or five best players in this draft, so the giants are thrilled to get him at no. 12.

Donald has drawn many comparisons to Bengals All-Pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins, and for good reason. He lives in opponents backfields, as evidenced by his 29.5 sacks and 66 tackles for loss in his college career, and an NCAA-best 28.5 came in his final season.

Donald has the ability to be a game-changing player in his rookie year, and he's exactly what the Giants need if they want to ascend to the top of a rather weak NFC East.

Anthony: Giants take Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA

The Giants like to do two things: run the football and pressure the quarterback. When they don't do on for both, they aren't a very good team and 2013 was a prime example of this. It's likely that they will be following their formula from their two recent Super Bowl Championships and get a versatile defender.

Offensive Line could be a pick here, but they grabbed Charles Brown in free agency this offseason and took Justin Pugh in the first round last year. Justin Tuck left via free agency and Jason Pierre-Paul has racked up only 8.5 sacks combined the past two seasons after having 16.5 in 2011. Barr could make plays in the open field as a linebacker or rush the passer in Tom Coughlin's defense.

Mickey: Giants take Aaron Donald, DT, Pittsburgh

The Giants need to rebuild the interior of their defensive line and need someone that can collapse the pocket. Donald fits the bill and will improve the Giants front. It will be interesting to see how he transitions to the pro game due to his size, but he looks to be the kind of productive player the Giants would jump on. The Giants pride themselves on pressuring the QB so their first round pick will go towards accomplishing that goal.





1 - Texans Jadeveon Clowney Johnny "Football" Manziel Jadeveon Clowney
2 - Rams Greg Robinson FALCONS TRADE: Jadeveon Clowney Greg Robinson
3 - Jaguars Teddy Bridgewater Blake Bortles Khalil Mack
4 - Browns Blake Bortles Sammy Watkins Blake Bortles
5 - Raiders Khalil Mack Greg Robinson Johnny Manziel
6 - Falcons Jake Matthews RAMS TRADE: Mike Evans Jake Matthews
7 - Buccaneers Sammy Watkins Jake Matthews Sammy Watkins
8 - Vikings JETS TRADE: Mike Evans Khalil Mack Teddy Bridgewater
9 - Bills Eric Ebron Eric Ebron Eric Ebron
10 - Lions Justin Gilbert Justin Gilbert Justin Gilbert
11 - Titans Anthony Barr Aaron Donald Antony Barr
12 - Giants Aaron Donald Anthony Barr Aaron Donald