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Bengals 2014 Schedule reaction - Inside the Jungle

Like all fans we anxiously awaited the release of the schedule. Now that is is finally here, we hash out our reactions on our live show.

Rob Carr

As the NFL schedule was released yesterday we quickly scroll through the games and look for ways our team has an advantage or ways the league was trying to screw us. The Bengals find themselves on both sides of the coin at times in the 2014 NFL season.

In the most recent episode of Inside the Jungle, Nick, Anthony and myself share our thoughts on the season.

My initial thoughts were:

  1. For a team that struggles in prime time, the NFL chose some top caliber teams for the Bengals to face in those slots.
  2. To end the season against Denver, Cleveland and Pittsburgh twice, the Bengals are going to have to prove their meddle in December.
  3. Three games on the road in November is a tough task.
  4. An early bye stinks, there is a long stretch to finish the season after week 4.
Nick and Anthony also share the concern with the way the season ends. Some of the listeners question how the Bengals are going to be able to out play Tom Brady in New England on a Monday night.

Another interesting note is that the Bengals have no west coast games. History has not treated the Bengals well on that side of the country and this schedule leaves the Bengals out of having to play on the left coast.

Let us know your thoughts on the schedule and be sure and listen to the entire show to hear our complete breakdown of the Bengals 2014 season.

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