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2013 NFL Draft: Looking back at instant reactions to Tyler Eifert pick

While preparing our notes and overall gameplan for the 2014 NFL draft, we took a look at the Tyler Eifert pick and the general reactions to that selection from the comments on the site.


When the Cincinnati Bengals selected Tyler Eifert at No. 21 in the 2013 NFL draft, most of us were taken aback. Not because we didn't like the pick... most of us didn't expect that the Bengals would go after a tight end. In our preparation for this year's draft, we took a look back at some of the reactions on the posting that the Bengals selected Tyler Eifert. We don't mean this to embarrass anyone -- only that sometimes we don't know what we don't know and reality takes time to unfold.

Here are some:

"I think Gresham just crapped his pants." 
"Uh..... really?
"The Bengals struck gold tonight with Eifert."
"I'm shocked but I love it!"
"I love it." 
"Better than I hoped - much better."
"Love it."

Then out of nowhere, while everyone is giving their own reaction, someone writes... "EVERYONE RELAX"

"Sorry, but just don't like it." 
"This pick should help third down conversion and scoring in the red zone." 
"This offense is going to be really exciting." 
"Don't like it. We have Orson Charles, why get another TE we don't need." 
"If we find a real OC, I would like this pick." (NOTE: That gets a +1 from me)

Anthony Cosenza then chimes in with something similar to, "I was right, bitches."

"They must also be pretty confident in re-signing (Andre) Smith or having (Anthony) Collins start this year..." (Yep)

Many wanted Matt Elam, who the Ravens selected later. Elam would go on to have the worst pass coverage score for the Baltimore Ravens and the 58th-best safety in the NFL (according to Pro Football Focus).

Eifert finished the season with 39 receptions, 445 yards receiving and two touchdowns. He started 15 games.

If you want to make fun of each other, go here.