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NFL considering extending draft to four days

Four days of NFL draft coverage? It could happen, according to Roger Goodell.


The NFL Draft has become a primetime event that fans passionately follow for all three days. When the league senses a way to grow and earn more money, they're certain to explore it, and expanding the draft by another day could be their latest idea.

According to's Chris Wesseling, the reality of a 4-day NFL Draft may in the realm of possibility in future years:

In the wake of Dallas Cowboys owner Mark Cuban's criticism that the NFL is overextending its reach in the American sports landscape, Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested Thursday that the league's draft process might be adjusted.

In an interview with NFL Media's Jeff Darlington, Goodell said the NFL will consider stretching the annual draft from three days to four. Regardless of the change, the draft will remain seven rounds in nature.

Goodell is unsure whether the draft will remain in May or go back to April. Traditionally, the draft would be taking place this weekend.

Per Goodell, the league is considering several options for the draft's date and venue.

The first round of the picks of the 2013 draft, which aired live on ESPN and the NFL Network, brought a cumulative 7.7 million-viewer average across both networks.