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Andy Dalton face of the franchise - Inside the Jungle

Maybe you are a fan that supports Andy Dalton and has no issue with his comments, or maybe you were angered by him calling himself the face of the team. We cover it all on Inside the Jungle.

We had a very spirited discussion on Andy Dalton's comments the other day calling himself the face of the franchise. I am of the opinion that based on your personal feelings about Dalton, you will react in kind to his comments. If you like Dalton then you probably have no issue with what he said. If you can't stand him and want a replacement then you are going to bury him for his statement.

Someone brought up trading with the Texans for the number 1 overall pick. My problem with that is then you place your team into a "rebuilding mode". I also don't think there is a can't miss prospect Qb in this draft. There is no Carson Palmer / Peyton Manning type guy that can come in and improve the team day one. Dalton has shown improvement while taking the team to the playoffs in three straight seasons. The hope this season is not that he turns into a gunslinger with the team on his back, it is that he has better support in the run game and is never allowed to throw the ball 50+ times a game.

Nick and Anthony didn't necessarily agree with me. To hear the whole show make sure to download the podcast.