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Bengals Bites (4/27)

News and notes about the Cincinnati Bengals and the rest of the NFL

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati Bengals: Denver Broncos Among Top Opponents in 2014
Besides division rivals from the AFC North, the Cincinnati Bengals will face last year's Super Bowl AFC representative Denver in 2014.

Bengal Quick Takes: Draft rewind - Cincinnati Bengals Blog - ESPN
You know that saying, "in order to know where you're going you must first know where you've been"? Well, on this Friday edition of the Bengal Quick Takes, we're going back briefly to the 2013 draft before resuming a little 2014 draft prediction chatter. It's interesting to note that last year's draft began exactly 365 days ago.

Suh trade could make sense for the Lions | ProFootballTalk

With Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh opting to withhold services as part of an effort to get a new contract in lieu of showing up and preparing for a contract-year push that could get him paid plenty come 2015, the Lions are getting a taste of life without Suh. With a cap number of $22.

Quarterback Aaron Murray eager to prove to Cleveland Browns in private workout Sunday that he should be their man |

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray was just weeks away from preparing for the NFL draft when he tore his anterior cruciate ligament against Kentucky last November.