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A.J. Green Talks About Fifth-Year Option, Los Angeles Clippers Situation

A.J. Green met with the local media on Monday and addressed some of the surrounding himself and the sports world.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As the Bengals players arrived back in Cincinnati for their "voluntary" workouts before the 2014 season really ramps up, quotes are filtering about from high-profile stars. One being Pro Bowl wideout, A.J. Green, who is fresh off of seeing a fifth-year option on his contract being exercised by the club. He spoke on that and a few other topics with the local media on Monday. And, wouldn't you just know that Green was his usual low-profile self.

On the option (courtesy of Jay Morrison with Dayton Daily News):

"It’s good. It’s fine. It’s just something with the new CBA. It’s a good thing they picked it up. It would have been a bad thing they didn’t. I knew it was coming, so that’s whatever."

Talking about his weight gain with upper body muscle and how he has felt this offseason:

"Just a little bit. It’s about just continuing to stay healthy. That’s the only thing. Don’t take any offseasons off. Just continue to try and stay healthy. It’s (being back) good. Like I say, it’s good to get back with the guys and to be back in the swing of things."

Then the media members decided to ask Green about the situation brewing in Los Angeles and the Clippers. In case you hadn't heard at this point, Clippers owner Donald Sterling had a conversation recorded where he made many racist remarks. This unfortunate situation has leaked through the entire sports globe, spanning all major sports. Green was asked about that and what he felt on the subject:

"It was tough, man. It’s tough for the Clippers players. That’s a tough decision of whether you’re going to play or not, or if you’re going to play for somebody who makes those kind of comments. But I feel like Doc Rivers, he’s a guy who really handled that whole situation well. I think they’ll be fine."

"Like I said, man, when you’re in this locker room, a lot of players, we play for each other. We go through all the training camps and all that stuff, all the blood and sweat and tears together. We play for the guys in the locker room. We don’t play for anybody else."