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Cincinnati Bengals 5-Round Mock Draft

As the draft rapidly approaches it is interesting to see the different theories around who the Bengals are going to select.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The website WalterFootball carries a mock draft all year long. They are constantly updating and tweaking the selections and it is interesting to watch the shifts as players are signed / cut. In their latest mock offering they have a full 5 round draft and a small description for every team involved. Below is a round by round selection for the Bengals and my thoughts on the pick.

Round 1 - Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State

"Mike Zimmer did a great job of getting the most out of Terence Newman and Adam Jones, but he's moved on to be the head coach in Minnesota. The Bengals will have to compensate with some new corners. Bradley Roby has some off-the-field concerns, but that's not going to stop Marvin Lewis from selecting him at No. 24."

I think that Roby will be a fine player in the NFL, but maybe not the right selection for the Bengals in the first round. Corner may be a position of need, but with Kony Ealy still on the board, I would like that selection better. Don't get me wrong, I am a big OSU fan and would love for the Bengals to bring in a corner that could shut down opposite Leon Hall. Roby seems like he would be a Dre Kirkpatrick type gamble and Cincy is still waiting to see how their cards fall on that one.

Round 2 - Marcus Martin, C, USC

"The center position is one of the top needs I have listed in the Bengals team needs page. Kyle Cook needed to be upgraded before his release."

With the release of Kyle Cook, this selection would make a lot of sense if Martin is on the board. The center position for the Bengals has been ok but not great. If the focus truly is on the running game, then a center that makes your line stronger is a must.

Round 3 - Antonio Richardson, OT, Tennessee

"The Bengals lost Anthony Collins in free agency, so they'll have to look elsewhere for a long-term solution at left tackle."

Will the Bengals use one of their first three picks to replace a lineman that started 6 games last season? Maybe, it depends on what kind of loss Anthony Collins really was in their eyes. I could see the Bengals targeting a running back or a corner in the third if they have not grabbed one yet.

Round 4 - Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia

"The Bengals will keep sticking with Andy Dalton, but they'll need to develop a quarterback just in case Dalton can't get them over the first-round hump."

If this happens I will give full credit to our own Anthony Cosenza for calling this one early in the offseason. The Bengals did sign a backup with some NFL starts, but if a QB like Murray is still available in the 4th then I could see them taking a shot.

Round 5 - Michael Sam, DE, Missouri

"Marvin Lewis, who has never been one to worry about locker room distractions, may want Michael Sam to help replace Michael Johnson."

If the Bengals did draft Sam, I would hope the only distraction would be that they got a quality player in the 5th round. Sams knocks in my eyes are not for his off field situations, but more for his size and how he would fit into the Bengals defense. There is no doubt Sam can play football, but is he big enough to do damage from the edge or quick enough to cover in the flat? If the Bengals think so, then I am for this selection in the 5th.