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Colleges that produce the most efficient NFL talent

A look at which college football programs produce the most NFL talent, as well as the most efficient NFL prospects.

Kevin C. Cox

The NFL Draft is, and will probably always be, an inexact science. There is no way of truly knowing what a college player will be in the NFL. There is only scouting, evaluating and projecting what they will be.

But that doesn't mean it's not fun to look at trends and data that help give us a better guess of who what prospects will succeed in the NFL.

Tony Villiotti of the National Football Post did a study of not only which college football programs produce the most NFL talent, but also a round-by-round indicator of which round colleges have the most success in:


Villotti judges a colleges' efficiency by the average number of starts players form that school have. As you can see, teams like Georgia and Florida have good success in the multiple rounds. The Bengals have had good success with players form those schools in the rounds they're particularly good in.

Two examples are A.J. Green (first), Clint Boling (fourth) and Geno Atkins (fourth) both coming in rounds Georgia is one of the best at producing talent. This is more a trend then anything, but it does only reinforce the strength of the Georgia-to-Cincinnati pipeline.

You'll also notice programs like Alabama don't produce a lot of efficient players, despite the high number of draft picks they routinely have.

Just food for thought.