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Cincy Jungle Writers Mock Draft: Houston Texans on the Clock

The first pick of the Cincy Jungle Writer's mock draft is here, and who did we mock to the Texans?


It's time for the first edition of the Cincy Jungle Writer's Mock Draft. For the next 30 days, Mickey Mentzer, Anthony Cosenza and myself will be conducting a pick-pick mock draft and each giving our own pick and thoughts on who goes where in the first round.

Three takes on each pick, and anything goes, including trades.

First up are the Houston Texas, and here's who each of had them taking.


With the first overall selection, the Houston Texans select Johnny "Football" Manziel. Though Jadeveon Clowney is the best player in the draft, the Texans front office knows that they need a quarterback to get the most out of this solid roster. Their defense isn't their problem--it has always been about the quarterback.

They also have surprised us all in the draft before with the prime example being back in 2006 when they selected Mario Williams over Reggie Bush. It makes sense from a financial and ticket sales sense because Manziel is a local product, but also from a talent standpoint.

There were questions surrounding Manziel's abilities as an NFL quarterback and he answered them at his Pro Day. Though there was quite a media stir there, he performed well and got the thumbs up from scouts, draftniks, etc.

Houston has tried rookies (David Carr) and veteran band-aids (Matt Schaub) and neither has worked. It's time to get themselves a franchise quarterback


With the first overall pick the Houston Texans select Jadeveon Clowney. The Texans have needs at the quarterback position as well, but unless a stellar trade is offered, I can’t see them passing on Clowney.

Houston has prided itself on its defense and adding a talent like Clowney to the opposite of J.J. Watt would make the front of that unit scary. Clowney is one of the fiercest pass rushers we have seen in the draft in some time. The Texans may pretend like the pick is a QB, but on draft day, Clowney will be their guy.


I'm a believe in drafting using the "Best Player Available" approach, and that means Jadeveon Clowney should be pick. Despite losing 14-straight games in 2013, the Texans defense was surprisingly good, but they can become elite by adding a guy like Clowney.

Joining the likes of J.J. Watt would make this arguably the best pass-rushing defense in the league. Even though this team needs a QB, the addition of Clowney to this defense could have a bigger impact than any QB in the class would.

And then there's new head coach Bill O'Brian, who is regarded as a quarterback whisperer that can get even an average QB to perform well. He was key in Matt Cassel's rise from a college backup to a starting NFL QB, so he can work some magic with Case Keenum or a rookie in the second round.

Clowney with the No. 1 pick seems like a no-brainier to me.