Txbengal29 game by game predictions 2014. .

Week 1- at Baltimore, Loss 0-1... Two things work against Bengals here, they have not been good in opening games (lost 5 of last 6), and also 0-4 in last four games in Baltimore.

Week 2- Atlanta, Win 1-1... Falcons will be better than last year, and can cause problems with their WR's, but Bengals win home opener.

Week 3- Tennessee, Win 2-1... Titans a darkhorse playoff contender, but Bengals too much at home.

Week 5- at N.E, Loss 2-2... After bye week, too much primetime, too much Brady, Bengals wet the bed, and fans start calling for Jayson Campbell.

Week 6- Carolina, Win 3-2... won't be pretty against a tough Carolina D, but Bengals find a way.

Week 7- at Indy, Loss 3-3... Bengals still finding their way through tough early schedule, and waiting for Geno and Leon Hall to be full strength.

Week 8- Baltimore, Win 4-3... Bengals avenge opening day loss. John Harbaugh whines for 4 quarters,.

Week 9- Jacksonville, Win 5-3... Trap game in between division opponents and Thursday nighter, but can't lose to Jaguars right??

Week 10- Cleveland, Win 6-3.. Primetime on Thursday, Bengals prevail, despite Joe Haden returning 3 INT got Touchdown.

Week 11- at N.O, Loss, 6-4... Tough place to play.

Week 12- at Houston, Win 7-4..Despite running for his life from Watt and Clowney, Bengals avenge playoff losses.

Week 13- at Tampa Bay, Win 8-4.. Late November in Florida, no weather problems for Dalton.

Week 14- Pittsburgh, Win 9-4... Battle for 1st place goes Bengals way. Kevin Huber punts team to victory.

Week 15- at Cleveland, Win 10-4... Bengals escape in OT to get first win in Cleveland since 2011.

Week 16- Denver, Win 11-4... Blizzard blows in, Manning's passes go backwards

Week 17- at Pitt, Loss 11-5.. Bengals lie down after already clinching #3 seed.

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