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Bengals have QB options on day 3 of the 2014 NFL Draft

Popular opinion is that the Bengals will grab a quarterback to add depth and competition to a position where the play could improve. So if the Bengals still want to grab a signal caller, who is available on day three of the draft?

Stacy Revere

The Bengals made a move in March to add a quality backup to play behind Andy Dalton. Jason Campbell was brought in to give the Bengals an option in case Dalton needed someone to fill in for him. The plan was never to have Campbell replace Dalton and most fans think if that would happen, the quality would fall off.

The doesn't mean the Bengals are going to stand pat at the position. The popular belief is that the Bengals will address the position today in the third day of the draft, In the past many have liked a QB in the 4th. Our own Jason Marcum has the Bengals waiting until the 6th to grab a QB.  In any case, who is still available that the Bengals will look to bring to Cincinnati?

In earlier discussions some of the QB's that the Bengals would have a shot at in the 4th round were:

AJ McCarron

Logan Thomas

Zach Mettenberger

Aaron Murray

Some later options were:

Tajh Boyd

Tom Savage

Jeff Matthews

Conner Shaw

Of the options available the Bengals could look to different styles of quarterback play. Some of these guys are your traditional pocket passers. They stay back and find the best option for the pass. The other type of player is the QB who can throw the ball, but also brings excitement with his feet. He may add the wrinkle if being able to scramble for large chunks of yds if a play breaks down.

None of the quarterbacks selected today are going to come in and unseat the veteran Andy Dalton. That's not to say that a young player couldn't come in, learn and improve and eventually be the starter of this team. I just think it is important to know that for all intents and purposes the Bengals know who their quarterback is for next season and like it or not it is Dalton.