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Alabama Paper "Warns" Andy Dalton

The Montgomery Adviser issued a warning to Andy Dalton after the Bengals drafted A.J. McCarron.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Andy Dalton you have been warned. Not by A.J. McCarron. Not by the Bengals organization.  Not by Katherine Webb. Instead, The Montgomery Advertiser thought you should know that McCarron has a chip on his shoulder. They produced a headline that reads:"Warning to Andy Dalton: Beware of AJ McCarron chip"

They even say Dalton must be a "nice guy" because he gave McCarron this welcome message after the Bengals drafted him in the fifth round with the 164th pick:

Others seem to believe that the "chip" on McCarron's shoulder should worry Dalton including ESPN's Danny Kanell.

The paper wrote this after McCarron tweeted implied that his draft slide would just cause the chip on his shoulder to grow. He told everyone to "just wait." He later deleted the tweet.

While McCarron is probably not a real threat to Dalton, he will be bringing Katherine Webb to the Queen City and that is something we can all appreciate.