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Report: "Significant Contract Package" Sent To Andy Dalton's Camp By Bengals

Cincinnati radio analyst Dave Lapham says the Bengals are believed to have sent a new contract offer to quarterback Andy Dalton's representation.

Rob Carr

In certain professional sports organizations, specific people have insider knowledge that many other beat writers and members of the media aren't privy to obtaining. Former Cincinnati Bengals offensive lineman and current radio color analyst Dave Lapham appears to be that guy. With some very specific examples over the past few years, it is becoming more and more apparent that the Bengals trust "Lap" with inside information.

Take a look at the last two drafts, for instance. Lapham participated in a mock draft with editor last year and seemingly pulled his pick out of left field with tight end Tyler Eifert. Most scoffed at the idea of another first round pick on a tight end, but Lap knew what he was talking about, wasn't he? As if that wasn't enough, Lapham told  ESPN 1530 host, Lance McAlister about a few targets over the final two days of the draft for the Bengals:

Point being that Bengals fans can trust Lapham when he says something surrounding inside information with the club. He dropped another doozy with McAlister on Monday afternoon regarding the team and their ongoing negotiations with quarterback Andy Dalton.

Obviously, facts and figures of the offer aren't known publicly, but the team could be making one final push to sign Dalton before camp. It's unclear whether the Bengals are doing this because of how the draft fell and their not taking a quarterback until the fifth round, or if they were going to make the offer regardless of how the draft worked out.

A contingent of fans worried that the selection of A.J. McCarron would put additional pressure on Dalton in what was once looked at as a possible prove-it year for the fourth-year quarterback. If a "significant" offer was indeed presented to Dalton's camp for review, the Bengals are likely looking at McCarron as a career backup and/or only an emergency starter for them. That could change if Dalton balks at the offer and no deal is struck before 2015 free agency begins.

That is far away though and the two sides will likely keep working. However, if we know anything about Mike Brown, he isn't shy about pulling what he feels is a fair offer off of the table, even in future negotiations, should the player decline it.