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Regrading the 2010 NFL Draft Class

John Harris of the Sideline View re-grades every team's 2010 NFL Draft class.

Matt Sullivan

It's always fun to hand out grades for each NFL team's draft class every year, but a truly accurate grade cannot be given for at least a few years.

It's really not fair to grade a draft until every player from that roster is either off the roster now, or they've all had their first contracts expire.

That's the case with the Cincinnati Bengals' 2010 draft class. John Harris of the Sideline View re-graded every team's '10 draft, and he gave the Bengals a solid 'A' for their haul.

Pro Bowlers: 2

Players remaining on the roster as of May 2014:  3

2010 Draft Grade (as of April 2010):  Bleacher Report - A, Consensus - B-

REAL Draft Grade (as of May 2014):  A

1st Round - Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham

2nd Round - Florida DE Carlos Dunlap

3rd Round - Texas WR Jordan Shipley

3rd Round - Wake Forest CB Brandon Ghee

4th Round - Georgia DT Geno Atkins

4th Round - Texas OLB Roddrick Muckelroy

5th Round - Eastern Illinois G Otis Hudson

6th Round - Kansas WR Dezmon Briscoe

7th Round - Iowa State G Reggie Stephens

Atkins is the true star in this class and kudos to the Bengals for finding him in the fourth round. Gresham is one of the rare two time Pro Bowlers in this draft class. Dunlap showed flashes of being a dominant end and will get more opportunities with Michael Johnson gone to Tampa. Quite frankly, this was one of the top three 2010 draft classes, even though the Bengals got very little from the last four picks in this class.

If not for what was essentially a career-ending ACL tears for Jordan Shipley, who led all rookies in receptions in 2010, this could have been an A+ draft.

It's also worth pointing out that only Shipley and Texas Roddrick Muckelroy (also suffered torn ACL) are the only two players from this draft class that weren't on an NFL roster in 2013.

Otis Hudson is currently with the Kansas City Chiefs, while Reggie Stephens is with the Baltimore Ravens.

Brandon Ghee signed a free agent deal with the San Diego Chargers this offseason.

Dezmon Briscoe is currently a free agent after spending last year on the Washington Redskins' injured reserve list.