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Report: NFL trying to change drug policy to reveal reasons for suspensions

The NFL wants to change it's drug policy in order to reveal the true reasons why players like Indianapolis Colts defensive end Robert Mathis are being suspended.

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Andy Lyons

In the wake of the suspension of Colts defensive end Robert MathisMike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that the NFL is looking to change it's drug suspension policy. They're doing so in order to allow more information to be presented when players are subject to punishment as the result of failed drug tests.

Per a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations, the new policies would allow the NFL to say more regarding the reason for a suspension arising under the policy against performance-enhancing drugs.  Currently, the NFL simply announces the suspension (four games for a first offense), and the player and/or his agent can say whatever they want in the wake of the announcement.

The new policy, whenever HGH testing becomes a reality, would allow the league to disseminate more information about the violation.  This will make it harder for players and/or agents to lie — and it will give other players more guidance as to the specific compounds and products that could get them suspended, too.

The NFL should be allowed to say why they are suspending a player and now allow the player and his agent paint a picture that they are victims of an unfair ruling.

That seems to be the case for every player suspension these days, including that of Mathis.