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AFC North: Fan Reactions to the 2014 NFL Draft

Looking at what did the fans have to say about how the AFC North teams did in the NFL Draft.

Now that the draft has officially been completed, fans and writers alike are going back and forth amongst each other, which only leads to a varied display of reactions. So what are we to do with those reaction?

We're going to get permission to turn them into quotes of course. Here's what AFC North fans had to say about their team's performance in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Fellow Bengals fans all seemed to rave about the picks this year, highlighting many of the selections. As expected, the AJ McCarron pickup drew the most bipolar attention.

"Nailed it once again this year! Problems addressed clearly through the draft....WHO DEY!!!!"
-Charles Mast

"I think the Cincinnati Bengals had a B+ Draft. I love the Dennard pick in the first Round. Jeremy Hill fits Hue Jackson's thunder and lightning scheme playing smash mouth football on Offense. The Bodine pick was needed to replace Kyle Cook at Center. Will Clarke will replace Michael Johnson. The only pick the Bengals missed on was AJ McCarron, a game manager at best. I would've taken Mettenberger from LSU. Also, Cincinnati could've taken another run-stopping defensive lineman."
-Garret Staples

"I think the Bengals drafted pretty well again and these rookies are going to make it a fun training camp. I really like A.J McCarron. I think that was a steal for us to grab him that late in the draft. I think he is the guy to give Andy the competition. Some of A.J's best games came in big games under the lights like in the title wins."
-Zach Dendinger


Full Scale Sports writer Bryan Luis was just one of a few Ravens fans that liked how Baltimore's draft ended up.

"CJ Mosley as a whole describes the kind of player Baltimore wants and needs. But it's Timmy Jernigan and Terrence Brooks I love. Those three as a whole can be something right away and get this team back in the playoffs. I felt Baltimore could have gone OL at some point earlier than round 5 but all in all another great Newsome draft."
-Bryan Luis

"While Ozzie didn't draft an offensive tackle, he stayed true to taking the best player available. Mosley, Jerrigan, and Brooks are all key pieces needed to create a great defense for years to come, and when combined with other picks and undrafted signings, it has the potential to be one of the best top to bottom drafts for Baltimore in years. Ravens fans everywhere should be celebrating right now."
-Richard Fiorino


With much work to be done with inputting new youth into the team, the majority of those spoken to seemed to agree with the selections that Pittsburgh made throughout. According to the quoted fans below, the Steelers did a solid job in addressing their holes.

"As far as addressing the needs of the team, Pittsburgh made a reach. Overall, they addressed some spots that needed to be filled and added younger, faster potential talent. With a little work, Pittsburgh could possibly take the division if all stay healthy. Better draft then the last few years."
-Josh Gantt

"I was baffled at first when Pittsburgh picked Shazier in the first round, since they need a CB more than a LB, but after seeing him perform it makes sense. Our second and fourth pick were great ones. Truitt is a beast at the DE spot and we added a 6'7" 352 lb. DT in McCullers who could potentially be a monster. Our fourth pick was Sammy Watkins' teammate Martavis Bryant who is a solid 6'4" 211 pounder, the WR we desperately needed. Dri Archer was a head-shaker for people, but he is a young Darren Sproles, only faster and could be a valuable returner. Last but not least, Rob Blanchflower, TE from UMASS was our final pick. This guy has got a heart of gold and can play. Miller is aging so he might fit in well."
-Scott Tozzi

"Steelers receive an A- in their draft. Slight let-down that Dennard was not selected, however the franchise showed their hand in selections of Stephon Tuitt and Daniel McCullers (who I mentioned on the National GridIron Network radio show), in the draft. Many eyebrows were raised on Dri Archer, however, he fits what Todd Haley does with his offense with one bruising back (jamaal Charles) and one quick, versatile back (Dexter McCluster). Archer is what Chris Rainey was GOING to be before he was sent packing."
-Ayron Beavers


Furthermore, Browns fans seemed to be very high on the draft, although what may come surprisingly to some is that Manziel was not the coveted pick for all of them. In fact, there were many Cleveland fans that were disappointed in the franchise selecting the former Texas A&M star.

"This draft was a surreal one for me as a Browns fan. Usually, when a hype-filled circus comes to town claiming to give us hope for the future, it usually ends up with a bucket of blood on us at the prom and leaves us just as humiliated - and twice as angry. That's essentially what Farmer invited with the Manziel pick. Other than that, it seems they got quite the opposite - a bunch of tough grinders who are gonna end our expansion-era legacy as a pushover."
-John Stebbins

"I was basically happy with Cleveland's draft other than them knowing about Josh Gordon's problems and not drafting a quality receiver when the draft was heavy this year with them. They basically drafted for need and stuck to the plan I'm not all hyped about Manziel coming to Cleveland, as I believe he will be a 3-ring circus and a distraction to the team unless the coaches corral him in. All in all I look for the Browns to have a good year, and if things fall just right and players stay healthy, possibly make the playoffs."
-Bill Holland

"Browns added a corner who I feel will create an electrifying atmosphere in the secondary with Gilbert being alongside Joe Haden. Johnny Manziel is a risk with potential high reward because he bring a competitive edge, football smarts, accuracy and leadership. Christian Kirksey will bring versatility in the linebacker position and is noted as one of the quickest to react to the ball. Joel Bitonio adds protection to the right side which has been a weak area on the line. Towson gives Browns more depth and energy in the backfield and can find holes quickly. They never addressed a wide receiver, which was a concern, but they have ideas in affect as we speak."
-Travis August

Overall, the AFC North was filled with player selections that some were surprised at. In many cases, that surprise was met with varied reactions. While fans that we spoke with were generally happy with how their team drafted, a perfect draft is near impossible to come by. There will always be holes left over; it's a matter of a team addressing those most pertinent at the time.