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Reaction to drafting Darqueze Dennard - ITJ

On the first show following the draft, we react to the Bengals selecting Darqueze Dennard in the first round. Was this the right choice for the Bengals at number 24?

Was the selection of Darqueze Dennard a good choice? Most of us thought he would not be there when the Bengals selected at number 24. Most mock drafts had the top cornerbacks off the board before the Bengals would have a shot at them. Anthony Cosenza thought the value was great and believes he was arguably the best corner in the draft. Mickey liked the selection and believes he is the type of corner that can play physically with the top receivers in the league.

Timm thought the Bengals should have possibly considered the QB positions but thought the need at corner was too much to ignore.

What were your thoughts on the Bengals selection of Dennard at 24? Take a listen to the entire show to hear our thoughts on the draft selections for the Bengals. Also, follow along every Wednesday night live at 9:00pm est for Inside The Jungle.

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