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Who the Bengals will not pick in round one of the 2014 NFL Draft - ITJ

We are all trying to guess who the Bengals will take with the 24th pick in the NFL draft, but who is the guy they will not pick with their first selection?

We ask Joe Goodberry (@JoeGoodberry) to forget for a second about who the Bengals will select in the 2014 NFL draft with their first pick and tell us who the Bengals will not take.

Joe believes the Bengals will avoid two positions with their first round pick. No QB and no DT will be nabbed at number 24. Joe believes, along with many other Bengals fans, that QB is a need but will not be addressed that early. Many in the chat room of the live show thought that if the right quarterback fell to the Bengals they would jump on the chance. I am not in that camp. I think there is no chance the Bengals select a first round passer and I am good with that decision.

Who do you think the Bengals avoid in round one next week? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tune in every Wednesday to Inside The Jungle.

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