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The Bengals need to continue to draft "Homeruns" in the 2014 NFL Draft - ITJ

The Bengals have been one of the top drafting teams recently and they need to continue their success to build upon the success they have in season.

The Bengals have had a lot of success in the NFL draft over the last 5 years. Multiple starters, major contributors have helped elevate the expectations of this team every season. Will the Bengals continue their streak of hitting homeruns in the draft this year?

According to Anthony Cosenza and Joe Goodberry they better. Joe and AC are of the opinion that the Bengals need to have another successful draft because of how quiet they were in free agency. If a team decides not to improve in the offseasion by signing free agents, then a miss in the draft for a year could be devastating.

The Bengals have enjoyed making it to the playoffs 4 of the last 5 years. In order for them to take the next step they need to move forward and not backward. The draft is how they have decided to do that.

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