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AFC North: Browns Giving Brian Hoyer Starting Reps; Johnny Manziel inconsistent

The latest from the Cleveland Browns QB derby between Tyler Thigpen (try not to laugh), Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Cleveland Browns are sticking to their guns with the quarterback position. As previously vowed, Johnny Manziel will have a long, competitive offseason (and perhaps part of the regular season) if he wants to work himself into a starting role for the Browns. On May 21, Brian Hoyer got the first teams repetitions up until 11-on-11 practice.

Once the practice reached that point, Tyler Thigpen saw practice time, with the football being handed to Manziel only afterwards. Hoyer saw time from the shotgun with the starting teams at that point, as he has not yet been cleared to take snaps under center to protect his surgically repaired knee.

Hoyer wears a brace to give him some cushion, but assures that his knee is not bothering him. As for Johnny Manziel, his practice time saw some inconsistency in his throwing. He did make some nice throws off of scrambles, but couldn't seme to find any real rhythm.

After the practice, on 93.2 The Fan in Cleveland, Ray Farmer said that Hoyer is currently the better quarterback by "a substantial margin." However, the coaching staff is just beginning to work with the former Texas A&M star. It will likely take time for Manziel to work into a rhythm with the Browns' offense.

"You've got to build a foundation first," Browns head coach Mike Pettine said. "I think we want him to learn the offense first. We know that when we get into live situations that he's going to be able to make plays. We're not going to try to coach that out of him." "I don't think we're in there not being friendly," Hoyer said. "But I do think when you're gunning for the same thing, there is a little bit of an edge to it."

There is no doubt that Manziel will be competitive. However, it looks like it's his job only if he wins it, not his to lose. Following his success last season up until his injury, the Browns have made it clear that Hoyer is their starter at this point. Whether that changes will be seen in the coming months.