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Bengals draft a quarterback or rely on scheme change for improved offense? - ITJ

There is a need for better play from the quarterback position for Cincinnati. Is this addressed in the draft or will it be fixed with a new offensive game plan?

The Bengals probably will pass on a quarterback in the first round. Many fans think the Bengals can improve the position just by limiting what Andy Dalton does every week. He shouldn't be throwing the ball 50+ times a game and from all accounts it looks like this is the direction of the offense.

Is that the right idea? Joe Goodberry thinks that may be a mistake. He wonders if the Bengals are going to need to rely on Dalton to take the team on his back at times. Dalton may need to make that one clutch throw at the end of the game and Joe questions whether he has it in him.

Everyone has an opinion on the topic and we will know in a week what the Bengals opinion is by the way they draft.

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