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Playing without a contract - ITJ

Darqueze Dennard starts his Bengals career practicing without a contract. So we discuss this and memories of other Bengals holdouts of the past.

With the new CBA, the mass of players holding out every season has been reduced to almost nothing. This season we see the Bengals new cornerback Darqueze Dennard begin his career by practicing before there is ink on his deal.

So who is the most memorable Bengals holdout? Mickey remembers Andre Smith, his holdout played out on HBO with the Bengals being the focus on the series Hard Knocks. What made it memorable was the ability for fans to watch how other players reacted to the holdout.

Nick remembers Akili Smith. For a guy that didn't have a huge resume coming out of college the holdout didn't help him get acclimated to the NFL and he never amounted to what all Bengals fans hoped he could be.

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