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NFL Scouting Report: Jeremy Hill vs Carlos Hyde

Breakdown of game tape for Jeremy Hill and Carlos Hyde. Their strengths, weaknesses, and possible targeted rounds for them to be picked.

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We all like to have nice things....why not a Luxury RB pick??

I think most Bengals fans share some of my frustration with the yards per carry (YPC) that BJGE produces. Why does it always seem that when he is about to hit the hole it closes up?  Now I don't think that Mikey is going to cut BJGE because he just doesn't do that, but if a RB falls in their lap they may pounce.

With Gio having a monster year for a rookie, it leads us all to think....what if?

What if the Bengals had a "thumper" to pair with him? What if there was someone to punch the ball in for TDs on the goal line? Even though this is something we all want, I think we could all agree this would be a "luxury" pick.

Carlos Hyde and Jeremy Hill are both fits for this offense, let's go to the tape to explain.

Carlos Hyde (RB) (OSU)
6'0" 230 lbs
40 yard dash: 4.66
Vertical leap 34"

Great vision and great feet for a guy his size. Does a good job of being patient and letting his blocks set up and stays behind his blockers. He is the prototypical size for a thumper back and looks the part.

Great downhill runner, he lowers his pads when he gets to the second level and makes LBs pay for tackling him. Arm tackles....forget about it, he rips through them like a kid through Easter candy. Hyde is one of those guys as the game wears on he gets stronger.

He keeps punishing guys to the point that he can take over a game. He basically put the team on his back in the Northwestern game. Has above average hands but will look up field too soon and have the occasional drop.

Hyde is not super elusive but definitely has enough shakeability to make guys miss. He is cerebral guy uses the correct move when breaking tackles, and knowing his blocking responsibility.

He will need to watch his weight in the NFL it fluctuated a lot in college and that can't be tolerated in the NFL. He will need to be ready to finish teams off in the 4th not be looking for the oxygen tank.

Lacks the elusiveness to be an every down back can't really shake guys in the open field to hit the HR. Sometimes needs a few carries to get the wheels lubed up with split backfield he will have to adjust to that.

Does have the red flags with his character a bit from the bar incident with the girl, the charges were later dropped. It seemed like in the video (I am sure every OSU fan has seen it 30 times) that it was just a dumb college mistake.

Key plays vs Clemson
1) Great lead block (0:55)
2) Cutback when outside edge breaks down (1:03)

Key Plays vs Indiana (in snowy conditions)
1) Good vision run (0:25)
2) Good catch (1:15)
3) Good footwork run (2:30)
4) Great lead block (3:15) (Can you imagine him doing this for Gio?? Good night AFC North!)
5) Incredible balance on run in snow (3:45) (necessary when winter AFC North football comes)
Watch him Block for his RB here:
Breakdown of the play frame by frame:




Key Plays vs Michigan
1) Run to breakdown 0:30 good vision but not elusive enough to break the HR
2) Rips through arm tackles 2:11 & 2:42
3) Huge run with great decision making 6:15 (play breakdown & gif)
4) Fights too long for the extra yardage and is stripped (7:40)
Breakdown of the play frame by frame:





Key plays vs. Illinois
1) Breaks through arm tackles and carries the pile (0:23)
2) Good catch in the flat that he turns up field for the TD (0:52)
3) Breaks tackle at the line of scrimmage and bust it into a big run (1:18)
4) Drags a defender 3 yards for the TD (3:23)
5) Uses great vision to follow his blocks to the TD (5:50)

Key plays vs Iowa
1) Makes correct blocking read and splits the LBs for big run (0:40)
2) Great read and incredible balance on run for a TD (2:42) 

Keeps his feet after the big impact:

Bengals Outlook:
He fits the Bengals needs because he is the perfect boom to Gio's blaze. He also is a great blocker in the run game. He could in theory be their H-back in some formations where you will see them both in the backfield.

I think that would make D-coordinators cringe with AJ and Marvin Jones on the outside. With Hue's new outlook of more runs Hyde could get the touches he needs, and Gio could come in with him or late in games and make the tired players miss.

Hyde has that proverbial "horse that smells the barn" mentality; late in games he punishes guys and looks for the knockout blow. Just imagine how many runs Gio could break for TDs when the defense has been worn down by a bruiser like Hyde.

He has good enough hands that it wouldn't necessarily mean they are running every time he is in. I think he is a great fit for their system and what Hue wants to do going forward. If the Bengals pick a CB in the first round and at pick 55 this guy is available, Mike Brown better pull a hamstring running this card to the podium.

The new NFL you need two solid RBs, and this RB tandem would cause havoc in the AFC North for years to come. The only thing Bengals fans will have to worry about is coming up with a clever nickname for the pair. Gio and Hyde go together like Bonnie and Clyde.

Jeremy Hill
6'1" 233lbs
40 yard dash 4.66
Vertical leap 29"

Hill is a big back and is the ideal size for a power back. He picks up a head of steam fast and he has that "shot out of a cannon" burst when he sees an opening. He hits the hole with authority and is hard to tackle once he gets moving.

He is a north/south runner he won't dance around. Has good balance and does an excellent job of keeping his feet under him when he takes hits in traffic. He has the best ball security in the draft; even when fighting or extra yardage.

Hill only had one fumble in college that he recovered himself, when he feels contact he covers the rock. His legs are strong and he can push the pile, thus netting a lot if yards after contact. He has a long stride and gobbles up yards in chunks with each stride.

He can even breaks off big runs after contact with his good recovery and initial burst. He tends to fall forward when tackled so he is rarely taken for a loss. He has good hands and he is a capable receiver out of the backfield with good route running.

Hill only played two seasons at LSU so he doesn't have a lot of miles on the tires and was pretty much injury free.

He has some character red flags even stemming back to high school and a sexual assault charge. He was suspended for that and for getting in a bar fight while still on probation at LSU. Is a little impatient and doesn't let's plays fully develop. He is not the most elusive back mostly breaks tackles with his size and power.

To make his move he sometimes has to breakdown his run completely causing him to get caught from behind. He is a pretty awful blocker, especially for his size and struggles with blitz pick up and lead blocking for other RBs.

Hill runs upright and needs to work on lowering his pad level and not leaving such a big target for defenders. He has to beat defenders with his burst or run them over, that's about it. He hasn't played many of any games in cold/snowy weather so that is a bit of a concern on how he would react to in-climate weather.

Key Plays vs. Auburn: (click for video)
1) Good job of following blockers and good cutback in the secondary. (0:00)
2) Misses block and causes a sack (1:49)
3) Uses good vision and breaks through arm tackles for a big gain (2:25)
4) Spins out of tackle and gains extra yardage (4:05)
5) This was an early game in the season and he looked to be gassed in the end and was not effective on his runs.

Key Plays vs. Florida:
1) Hits the hole with authority sets up the blocks and runs downhill (0:00)
2) Great one handed catch (0:35)
3) Drives his legs and pushes the pile 5 yds (1:45)
4) Quickly turns up field on the screen and follows his blockers and hurdles a would be tackler (2:52)
5) Excellent vision on run allows blocks to set up and follows them then turns on the jets (3:55) play breakdown below

Weaves through traffic and uses speed to break the play:





Key Plays vs. Arkansas:
1) Misses blitz pick up and causes a sack fumble (2:39)
2) He let's his blocks set up and weaves through the blocks for the TD (4:32)










Bengals Outlook:
He is an AFC North football player he is tough and runs with power. He will be Hue and Gunther's best friend because he doesn't fumble. He took Les Miles zero tolerance policy to heart about not turning the ball over.

Here is a quote from him about his only college fumble on the first play of the Ole Miss game that he recovered himself.

"I wasn’t really focusing and it popped out, but I got it right back," Hill said. "(The coaches) just asked what happened, and it just kind of fell out of there. It didn’t happen again. I think that was my first fumble, so it happens. It’s part of the game.

"That’s something I always take pride in — just going into every game and taking care of the football, especially in close games and critical situations. We work on ball security every day. I’ll continue to work on it every day and hold the ball high and tight, and hopefully it won’t happen again." –From his interview with The Advocate

The Bengals brought him in for a visit, so his red flags have not taken him off their board. I think Marvin and Hue will look him in the eyes and try to decide if they can trust him. One thing to keep in mind is that he did have one of the best fullbacks in college football.

If they do pick Hill, I expect that they will draft the whole battery from LSU by taking J.C. Copeland him with a late pick. He is a non factor in the blocking game and that's what separates him and Hyde. The Bengals will likely target Hill with pick 88 and definitely they would be highly likely to take him at 123.

Remember, this is a luxury pick with BJGE still under contract for this year. I don't think he will be there for them in the third because I see him going near the top of the 3rd round.

Final Thoughts:
Bengals fans don't fret, next year's RB crop might be the best group in the last 10 years. The Bengals might just wait until next year to pull the trigger, unless one of these guys just falls in there lap a round later then they expect.

They both fit the bill for a power back to go along with Gio, but RB might not be a priority this year.  I think Hill is the better pick for the Bengals because it will keep Gio on the field more, and we all know what he can do.

If Hill wears them down throughout the game just think of how many big runs Gio will break in the 4th quarter.  I think if Hill is there at 88 they will consider him long and hard, the only thing that could prevent the pick is another top quality player at CB, DE, or OL being available.

The devaluation of the RB position means players can slide a whole round or more past there projections. Maybe the Bengals will luck out and a balanced guy like Hyde will slide to the middle of the 3rd round and they can trade up to get him.